…Present your requests to God.

How often have we seen God move in our favor? I bet you and I could count on hands and feet how many times God has made amazing things happen when we ask Him to. Over the past eight months, I’ve heard and seen God over and over say yes to people I've been praying for:

  • Yes to gainful employment.

  • Yes to successful surgeries.

  • Yes to personal improvements and accomplishments.

  • Yes to overcoming illness.

  • Yes to salvation for family and friends.

  • Yes to comfort and peace through difficult times and personal loss.

  • Yes to making way for forbearance even when one experienced a “no.”

As we’ve seen God’s blessings, I’m sure there are some - maybe even you - that have had to deal with a difficult “no.” Some may not have even been asking for prayer because there seemed to be no way. Some may not even be praying for those situations because we can think that it’s our responsibility. We’ve got it. He’s left it in our hands. But… He wants to help you with it all. Everything. Not one thing does He expect from you. The recurring theme in my study has been God’s power and sovereignty.

We have really little to do with it other than love, trust, and obedience. He doesn’t ask us to be giants nor does He ask us to be strong. He simply asks us to know He’s got it. Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” He doesn’t expect you to do anything except trust Him. It really is that simple.

So, Jamie Nunnally (a pastor and songwriter friend) and I got together through the miracle of technology on Friday, and he and I co-wrote this song together called “Dwell.” We wanted to live in this idea of acting as Mary, sitting at Jesus’ feet - even while Martha had frustrations with her for doing so, when other things had to be done - and simply being with the Lord. You can catch the lyric video on Youtube here but here are the lyrics:

I am tired, uninspired, in search of Your refuge

I am broken and eroded and so I come to you,

You are peace, You have moved to bring me to my knees

So right now, I will bow and give You all of me

I will dwell, Lord, I will dwell in you

To sit at Your feet, Your perfect peace finds me where I am

Lord, I will dwell in you

I was spent, discontent but you gave me relief

I was depleted but I’ve conceded that You’re enough for me

Just to know and be known by You, the God of all

I’m amazed You display desire for my heart

At Your feet my world changes,

Your heart beats for my heart’s praises

You alone can satisfy this soul

Brokenness is nothing less than an open doors to find my rest

You draw near, my heart has found its home

Copyright (c) 2015 Jeff Markey & Jamie Nunnally

We wrote this together at the conclusion of my own quiet devotional time about busy-ness. Jesus called Martha's work a distraction and said Mary did the better thing of simply sharing time and attention. I hope we could always choose the better things, even when living in a 21st century world makes it more difficult.

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