How can loss become gain?

At our church, we recently sang together a choir special which contains the lyrics that say “Out of ashes, out of dust You claim the mournful, broken, needy, sick and lame; oh the joy, oh the pain - oh the loss, oh the gain.” The temporary loss of this world God can restore, as we see in the life of Job, and even in many of our testimonies. I don’t pretend to understand everything surrounding our lives; however, it seems God gets our attention the most when we are forced to stop and take assessments of where we are and what we are doing.

I recently saw a testimony of Drew Brees where he explained that it wasn’t until he tore his ACL, which requires extensive rehabilitation, playing high school football that he finally had nothing to distract him. It was his joy, his first love, to play football. Drew said himself that sports were his life; but when the circumstances were that he couldn’t do what he loved, he finally opened himself up to the Lord. This has mimicked so much of what I’ve experienced and so many others around me.

So, the wonderful thing about God working in this way is the fact that he can restore everything we’ve ever lost in this world while providing for us a window into eternity. The only thing we need to do is listen to the still, small voice, which tends to sound the loudest when there’s little else for us to do. I cannot comprehend all that this entails; I don’t think the human mind is capable of such things; however, I do know that the unseen hand of God works farther, deeper, and wider than we can see.

Horatio Spafford was able to say, even when he lost his beloved wife and children; even when he lost so much of his business from the great Chicago fire; it is well with my soul. I know God is still working on me with this but I pray we could all share this mindset one day.

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