New Worship Song - In Your Arms

It is so hard to see good people - godly people even - make such poor choices. This week it came out that one of the seminary professors at my alma mater, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, passed away from suicide. While in his suicide note he explained that he struggled with depression, it also came out that a profile was found under his name on a popular adulterous website.

This particular man was a professor, pastor, and counselor who was very much loved and respected by the staff, faculty, and students. It makes it that much harder to find out the sin he carried and his condition of depression. As I thought of my life, though I would hope to be far from doing anything like this, how easy is it for mighty men of God to fall into this situation?

Inspiration struck me as I thought through all of this and I began writing what was in my heart. When I began the writing, I didn't necessarily see it as a song, but that's what it quickly became and now titled "In Your Arms," here are the lyrics God laid on my heart.

When the darkness lurches from the depths

To pervade my soul and steal my innocence

There is nowhere else for me to run

But in Your arms, in Your arms

I am hid and held under Your wing

There beneath Your cross and Your suffering

Though the nails may press You on the tree

I’m in Your arms, in Your arms

Oh Jesus, I am found in You, consecrate me to Your side

Oh Jesus, come and live in me, in Your strength may I abide

In Your arms

And the grave had clutched You in its grasp

As You hung Your head and You breathed Your last

In the tomb was laid a would be King

As death held You in his arms

In the battle raging on unseen

For three days You fought through all the devil’s schemes

Oh, the tables turned so violently

As You killed death by Your arms

And the same One who came from the grave to life

Lives inside those who thrive in His glorious light

And the power is now all endowed to us

To overcome the darkest night

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