If I Had Cherished Sin in My Heart...

The Lord knows our human struggles, and I do believe He understands the challenge we can have trying to stay pure because the temptation Christ endured, in a purely human standpoint, was identical. As Christ was victorious over sin in His human life, we can trust that this power can heal our transgressions, as well. I’ll be honest: I’m a screw-up. The Bible teaches us that “none are righteous: no not one.” However, the good news is that the same power that Christ had, the Holy Spirit, resides and works within us if we will allow Him.

I appreciated so much as a preacher recently talked a lot about living as a child of the King, rather than a lost person, who is prone to sin and without a new identity. If we deny ourselves and take up our cross daily to follow Christ, there will be no "real estate," as another preacher discussed, for the enemy to find a foothold into our lives.

I pray that we, corporately as a ministry, and individually, as children of the King, would live boldly for Christ and avoid cherishing our sin. We have the power, as Jesus told the Samaritan woman, of this living water He gives; it would be a well springing up inside of us. My hope is that we would put our "pet sins" behind us as we sellout for the sake of Jesus' name.

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