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I think about what God wants to do in my life, in our lives, and the life of this church and I become overwhelmed with how God might use us in the future. I'm super excited about possibilities of utilizing different elements and art forms to make more dynamic worship experiences, and to utilize different technologies to bring glory to our King.

Sometimes, I can get so caught up in those things, though, that I forget what they are there for. And then, I allow those things to become little idols placed in my life. My hope for myself and this ministry is that we never stop seeking the Lord; that we don't get so distracted with the minutia that we forget the big picture which is growing our relationship with Christ and bringing glory to His name. When going through service, my mind could be on: “I hope we’ll stay together on this hymn transition,” or "the lyric slide guy isn't changing the words fast enough." But really, it should be on: "I'm waiting on you, Lord, to show your power," and, "I'm giving my all to You right now. This is ALL for you."

The little things will fade away when we really are together in the moment. I know this to be true: we will find success when we continue to seek the Lord.

Thank you so much for your continued work in the worship ministry. I couldn't do this without your support; I'm praying for an amazing week of worship, not so much for what we bring but how we bring it to build up the church and how we seek the Lord.

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